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When thinking of Greek food the first thing that probably pops into your head is Gyros, fries and greasy but tasty food. The food that I have experienced in Santorini was often a lot different from this.

Let’s start with the first meal of the day – breakfast. While Marina and I often just had some quick cereals in our hotel, we sometimes decided to go out for breakfast. Our favourite place where we went more than one time was this:




Unfortunately the name of the restaurant was only written in Greek letters so that’s why I can’t really advise you about it. To find this restaurant, just walk all the way along the caldera in the direction of Oía (don’t worry, the café is still in Fira!). Once you have passed the little blue and yellow cathedral with the white roof, you will be able to spot the cafe in no time.


Marina and I tried the plain breakfast (bread, butter, jam, honey, coffee or tea, fresh orange juice) as well as the breakfast Santorini (omelette, yoghurt with fruits and honey, coffee or tea, fresh orange juice). Both of them are simply delicious! One of the best things about this café is, that while you are enjoying your coffee, you can take in the breathtaking scenery of Santorini’s caldera.



During the day you can either just buy some fruits at the markets or visit some of the bakeries that are open 24/7. There you can try typical Greek pastries such as Baclava or you encounter donuts of a crazy size! You cannot miss this!


For dinner you have endless choices. Mostly considered a tourist trap, the restaurants and cafés directly at the caldera are still worth trying out. It is true that they charge you for the view but I would say you should try it out at least once and enjoy the sun setting in the caldera. And: the prices are still totally affordable!



If you are keen on trying out the real traditional Greek cusine, ask for advice in your hotel. Our receptionist told us about two taverns which we both tried out: Mama’s and Nikolas Taverna. Let me tell you a little bit more about Nikolas Taverna. It is located directly in the heart of Fira’s city center. The tavern is still run by its owner Nikolas who himself is serving the guests and is happy to help you out with choosing from the menu.


Marina and I had a starter and after that I tried the Chicken Souvlaki. This dish is amazing! The whole atmosphere in the tavern is comfy, familiar and makes you want to spend the whole night there. You will meet tourists as well as locals in the restaurant. Since the restaurant is crowded the whole evening and there is often a queue forming in front of it, it is best to arrive early at like 6 or 7pm to ensure that you get a table!



My encounter with the variety of food in Santorini definitely changed my prejudices about Greek food. When in the right place, you find fresh, healthy and delicious food that really makes you enjoy your stay even more!

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  1. Hallo Katharina,
    so, so, es geht mal wieder um das Essen. Schmunzel….
    Freue mich, immer mal wieder etwas von Dir zu lesen und die Bilder sind wunderschön!!!
    Liebe Grüße Monika

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