Street Food Cardiff.

Street Food Cardiff is known as the “Hipster-Wonderland”. It’s a a pop-up event in an old and abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of Cardiff. Independent street food traders are coming together to this place to bring a new flavour to Cardiff’s dining scene. All of this will be gone in one week. That’s what pop-up events are all about and this creates the buzz and the energy that surrounds them. When the event was launched a few weeks ago, the website didn’t even reveal the location. The owners completely count on word of mouth and social media.


I heard about the event in one of my lectures at Cardiff University. Simon Thomas, the organiser, held a guest lecture in my course. He used to be an International Public Relations & Global Communications Management student. After trying to find his bliss with different jobs all over the UK, he came back to Cardiff and started working with local businesses. This is how Street Food Cardiff came to life. Yesterday evening some of my coursemates and I finally decided to walk the 40 minute walk to the event location “The Depot” to find out what all the buzz was about. Let me tell you – it is more than worth it. When we arrived at the location, we were greeted by a long line in front of the building. Luckily, it didn’t take us more than 5 minutes to get into the building. We had been told before that there exists an entrance fee – for us it was free. With these kinds of events you never know which information is true and which is not.


Once inside a building, you are surrounded by folk music, food trucks, steam all around the place and happy faces everywhere you look. Since this weekend’s theme is Thanksgiving, all the food was influenced by Nothern and Southern America: Burgers, Burritos, Haute (Hot) Dogs or Churros. I went for the Haute Dogs! The one that I chose was the Berlin Haute Dog – Brioche, Frankfurter Sausage, Pickles, Curry Ketchup and Mustard. It was delicious!


Since I felt that I couldn’t only try one of the amazing foods, I went for Churros & Chocolate for dessert. Yummy, guys! Even after we had finished trying out all the food, we stayed for a little while longer, enjoying the atmosphere, drinking beer and dancing. The event will only last one week longer – you better check it out as soon as possible!



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