Escape to Penarth

Sometimes a getaway seems like a good idea, right? That’s how I felt in November, when my head was buried in books and journals and my eyes felt sore from looking at a laptop screen all day long. So I decided to escape the busy streets of Cardiff and take advantage of the fact that there are a number of seaside resorts close by. One sunny Sunday morning, my wanderlust took me to Penarth. A city just a stone’s throw away from Cardiff. You can easily reach Penarth via train so Corrie and I grabbed a coffee and jumped onto a train that was heading towards Penarth. Engaged in a conversation we were suprised how close by Penarth really is! The train ride only takes about 10-15 minutes. When we hopped off the train we walked around the Penarth Bay and enjoyed the view of Cardiff that really seems to be around the corner.


Our main destination in Penarth was the famous pier so we decided to leave the streets to take a walk on the beach towards the pier. Doing so, you will have amazig views of the ocean and the rocky cliffs that surround Penarth. Make sure to wear suitable shoes since the beaches are rocky themselves (we should have known that before…).


Once you have reached the pier it is time to relax. Sit down close to edge and breathe in the salty sea air, listen to the seagulls and enjoy the peace and the unique atmosphere that you encounter whenever you are close to the ocean. If all of this makes you hungry, there are several spots on the pier where you can grab a bite. I can recommend the restaurant that is located at the beginning of the pier. They offer sandwiches, soups, delicious pastries or full meals alongside a view of the pier and the ocean.


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But Penarth is not only about its pier. Take a moment and wander uphill and you will find beautiful parks and gardens next to Victorian mansions. We were lucky to find them by accident while we were heading back to the train station. During November, all of the parks were decorated with the remembrance poppy, a flower that is used since 1921 to remember the soldiers that have been lost during the war. So remember: even if you are heading in a certain direction and are directly on your way to somewhere, a detour might be worth it!


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  1. Meine liebe Katharina,
    es ist immer wieder schön, Deine Berichte zu lesen. Und wieder diese wunderschönen Bilder……
    Ganz liebe Grüße von Deiner Monika

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