carry-on essentials.

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Hand Luggage. Always my number one issue when travelling on a plane. Why? Because I tend to be an overpacker who tries to pack every extra kilo into her handbag so that the suitcase won’t be overweight. That’s how I sometimes end up having an 10-12kg hand luggage. So whenever there’s only 8kg allowed on a flight I try to appear nonchalant at the security check and hide how much my shoulder hurts and how freakin’ heavy my big bag is. Another issue is that I always seem to travel with bags that don’t zip properly so there’s always the chance of me having to collect all my things from the baggage claim after the bag has gone through security check. So what’s so important that I have to carry it around with me?

Lip balm and moisturizer: Eeek, I hate the air in planes. Especially on long-term flights I like to keep my face moisturized for it to feel a little less disgusting when spending hours and hours on a plane.

Book: Although I like to spend my time sleeping on planes, there’s always some little extra time where I like to read.

Water: Recently I started carrying around a Camelbak bottle with me everywhere I go. This way I can always fill it up whenever I feel thirsty.

Scarf, socks and extra sweater: For me, planes always feel too cold. So a little extra clothing helps. Especially when you like to bundle up during your sleep!

Toothbrush, deodorant and hairbrush: Simply makes me feel less nasty.

Travel guide: Of course. That’s a must. Always checking if I am as prepared as I would like to be!

Small perfume sample: Especially when you’re going on a short trip, simply take the small samples that you get as a gift in a perfumery. They last a few days!

Jewelry and my valuables: If my suitcase gets lost during the journey, I don’t have to worry too much about the things I care about most.

Glasses and case for contact lenses: During a long flight, I like to remove my contacts and wear my glasses instead.

Sunglasses and umbrella: I like to be prepared for whatever weather awaits me at my destination!

Well, let’s pack this hand luggage then. Luckily Santa brought me a backpack for Christmas so I at least don’t have to keep up a straight face at the airport tomorrow when my bag ends up being super heavy again. Athens, here I come!

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