Signing the Maptia Manifesto

It is a manifesto for those that have an inquisitive mind and are constantly hungry to keep moving. The founders of the Maptia Blog urge you to sign the Maptia Manifesto and pledge to dedicate your life to see the world. But more importantly, share your stories with the people around you.



So do it. Go to the Maptia Blog, print out the manifesto, sign it and take a picture of it in a place that means something to you. Me being that kind of person that always thrives for more, I didn’t hesitate a second to take part in this. For me, the manifesto expresses what I stand for and what I hope to accomplish in life. Once you’ve taken your photo of the manifesto, don’t forget to email it to the Maptia blog to make sure that you’re featured on the website and become part of the community. The gallery currently hosts 124 manifestos taken in 54 countries. The ultimate goal is to establish a complete gallery with manifestos from each of the 196 countries in the world.

So this is me calling out to you, my fellow explorers – let’s complete this gallery! Are you in a country that hasn’t been featured yet? Get out there and take your picture! I am still seeking my unique spot to become part of the Maptia Manifesto – will it be in Wales, some place else in the UK or somewhere off the beaten track?

Curious where I might take the picture? Read about my bucket list for 2015 here.

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