Choosing where you travel.



Think back ten or fifteen years. You were a kid or a young teenager, sitting at a pool in a beachside resort, possibly with your parents. Everything was easy, you didn’t have to worry about any meal or what your plans for the evening were. You were part of the kids club and your parents were already debating over the upcoming evening show. At least this is what my holidays as a kid looked like. And I absolutely ADORED every second of it. Making friends from all over the world, running around in my bathing suit all day and spending time with my sister.

Now my travels are far away from that. Comfort is welcome to me but not always a given. In fact, I believe travelling is worth any sacrifice. I can’t see myself doing those resort holidays anymore, neither can the rest of my family. This does not mean that we judge those vacations, they are the perfect getaway if you’re stressed from your everyday life and just need to take some time off. The reason I am saying this is that I witnessed a change in people’s minds about going on a trip. Decades ago, it was all about giving away as many responsibilities as possible and often not leaving your own comfort zone. Recently, it is not chic anymore to explore your own country or even your continent. Everyone is reaching far far away from home, diving into new cultures and challenging themselves while travelling. Sometimes I wonder whether everyone is genuinely happy with this. I am, I know that. But if anyone was to give me a free stay in a beachside resort for a few days, I would never say no!

Me doubting this style of travelling is more an idea of it just having become almost unpopular. It seems that travelling has evolved to being part of your brand. If you go far, you’re an explorer. If you stay on your sunbed all day long for seven days, people think you’re boring. But what if that’s what you really want to do? There seems to be pressure on people to not only challenge themselves in their jobs and everyday lives but also during their free time. What if you’re simply not that type of person that craves to haul a 23kg backpack around for 30 days, constantly hopping on planes to see different places or you just detest hiking? Then just don’t do it. Don’t let this perception of utilizing your travel destination as an aspect of your self-branding pressure you into doing this.

I am chasing my ultimate bliss while I am travelling. For me it lies within these trips without too much comfort, immersing in new cultures, having a laugh with the local people and hopping from one place to the next. That doesn’t mean you have to feel the same. Travelling should be about memorable moments – if you find your bliss by staying put in one place, then I urge you to do that.

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  1. I totally understand you 🙂 I can do both types of travelling, but now that my time is limitedI just want to visit more and know more about the world! Only one thing, I think you can explore even staying in your country or continent, too often people go very far away and they don’t see the beauty around them! I live in Italy and I don’t know half of it. Still, my next trips are Croazia and Barcellona 😉
    Beautiful blog by the way, Katharina!
    Boomer Sooner

    • Thank you Laura, I really appreciate your thoughts. And you are right, there are so many places in Germany that I haven’t seen yet. Instead of moving far and wide, something it is worth exploring the beauty of your own country! Boomer Sooner! 🙂

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