Choosing who to travel with.

Overseas trips like my recent trip to Canada typically raise one big question: Are you a solo traveller, do you prefer to travel the world in a group or is there this one person that you just cannot travel without? I can definitely say that I am not a solo traveller. It’s because of the sheer fact that sharing your joy simply doubles it! I’ve travelled alone once in Bolivia and it just wasn’t for me. I feel that I am not a group traveller either. Too many different ideas, too many ways to approach travelling. That just stresses me out. I need one or two people that share the same vibes as me and “run the same pace” when it comes to travelling.


Whether you prefer to travel in a group or with one or two travel buddies, I’d say knowing this is the most important thing. Make sure you share the same mind-set when it comes to travelling. Here are some questions that I feel you should ask yourself when deciding who to travel with:

Do you like to start the day at the crack of dawn or are you a lazy bird that likes to sleep in?

Party, a little party or please no party at all?

Do you loooove the beach or are you an albino-sunburn type of person that just can’t be outside in a bathing suit for too long unless you want to look like a lobster?

Are you a culture and museum kind of person or would you rather hike the highest mountains?

Of course, everything and everyone is not as black and white as this list. I, for example, like to get up early most of the times but I like some lazy days to just sleep in and relax. A little party is great, a hell lot of beach makes me happy. I love culture and museums but I’d much rather spend time outdoors and take in the wonders of nature.

What I am trying to tell you is that you should try to determine whether your travel preferences somehow align with those of the one you choose to travel with. Only then you can experience this incredible joy and let loose because you are totally entailed in activities that define you. From time to time consider letting go and let your travel buddy steer the way – you might be surprised that you’re an avid hiker after all or that you always thought you detest expressionist art but you suddenly find yourself in the Guggenheim museum in New York, admiring art. Compromises are good! Try new things, explore, leave your comfort zone and get to know the person that’s been hiding inside you all along. That’s the beauty of travelling – some hidden away traits suddenly come alive, you will feel recharged and rejuvenated and come home with endless stories to tell and an energy that is infinite.

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  1. I honestly prefer to travel alone. I’ve traveled with friends and loved ones before. And I’ve enjoyed it, but I find that when I travel solo that it’s easier to go at my own pace and that the stress of having to accomidate others means and desires takes a huge stress off of my shoulders. Is that a bit selfish, maybe, but it’s just the way I like my travel.

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