Bali Bliss.


That’s what we did – made new friends, Nicole caught waves, we drank some Bintangs (the delicious Indonesian beer!), had a great time, took a break. And we definitely look back on the incredible time we had in Bali! I have never seen a place like Bali before in my life. You do find the typical tourists but more than that you find expats, yogis, surfers and those – like us – that just relished each day.

You might think it must have been hard to choose a top three for my favourite spots in Bali. While there are numerous places and activities that I could recommend you, there are three that really stand out:


This lovely spot is still rather unknown and thus reserved for expats and surfers who stay on the island a bit longer than the typical few days. It is almost impossible to describe the unique atmosphere that surrounds Canggu. The town is a collection of one of a kind shops bursting with clothes and jewelry, “cafes for days”, as well as restaurants and bars exploding with the smell and taste of mouthwatering dishes. Each with a unique little touch. My ABSOLUTE highlight will forever be the Crate Cafe on Batu Bolong. It solely opens for breakfast. Breakfasts that are out of this world – steaming hot piles of scrambled eggs on the perfect golden french toast, the rich flavours of a flat white coffee or the infamous breakfast bowls – acai, blueberries or freshly shredded coconut are just some of the incredible ingredients they use day in and day out.

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If you ever go to Crate – look out for the on wanderlust logo on one of the tables inside the cafe!


As I said on Instagram, sunrise hikes are the best hikes! The most jaw-dropping and goosebump-evoking experience of all the four weeks in Southeast Asia was our hike up Mount Batur. It is a truly mesmerizing experience to escape the bustling life in Bali to hike up a mountain during the middle of the night. Imagine getting up at 2am just to hike up a volcano while it’s still pitch black outside equipped only with the light of torches. Just at the crack of dawn you get to your destination – the top of the mountain. Sit down and take in the stunning views the sun conjures while rising up the sky and the beautiful golden light it provokes.


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This place is located at the southern tip of Bali. It’s an enchanting place because it combines natural beauty with the best sunset party on the whole island. Start off your Sunday with a trip to Greenbowl beach, a stretch of the coastline that lays hundreds of steps down from a cliff, which take you to white sand stretches, clear blue waters and hidden away caves.


Don’t stay too long though. Make sure you leave the beach just in time for the famous Sunday party at Single Fin bar. It is a bar/restaurant/club built into a cliff and consists of various levels and decks. On Sundays, the Single Fin bar turns into a magical place that unites the happiest, most gorgeous people on the island just to celebrate the sunset, be thankful for the day spent and look forward to another incredible day in Bali.


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It still gives me the chills thinking about my time in Bali. I urge you to go there – whether you are a yogi, aim to catch some waves or just enjoy yourself – everything is just a little more extraordinary than usual in Bali.

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