German Christmas Markets

‘Tis that time of the year again. The smell of gingerbread and gluhwein lingers in the air, the sound of christmas carols follows you around everywhere you go and people are rushing around carrying bags bursting with gifts for their loved ones.

In Germany this means that the season of the Christmas markets has begun. We definitely do love this tradition. Meeting up with friends and family to stand in the freezing cold and sip some gluhwein is one of our favourite things about christmas and really gets us into the holiday spirit.

From the ones that I have visited, these are the local christmas markets that awaken your inner child waiting for Santa Clause.

1. Münster

Münster is a mid-sized city that is defined by its numerous little arcades and alleys and has some sort of medieval feel about it. The Christmas markets around the city are all a bit different from one another and really cover the whole downtown area of the city – it’s almost too hard to navigate through! What I love about Münster’s christmas markets is that they focus on selling authentic handicrafts from the region.

2. Stuttgart

Stuttgart during Christmas time has such a beautiful feel about it. I can’t even fathom what it seems to be that transforms the city into such a magical place. I’d say, go see for yourself!

3. Dortmund

This city really is my second home. Whenever I visit the Dortmund christmas market I am reminded of everything that I loved about Christmas as a child – chocolate covered fruits, strolling around the stands holding my mum’s hand and admiring all the twinkling lights. But most of all the christmas tree. Yes New York, you’ve heard correctly, Dortmund has the biggest Christmas tree in the world!

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