What’s your new habit?


Yep, it is that time of the year again. Gyms are bursting with people yearning to be fit and strong, aisles in health food stores are raided empty and everyone claims to stop smoking, drink less alcohol, read more instead of binge-watching Netflix and be more successful at uni or at work. New Year’s resolutions are all around. Whatever your resolutions might be, in his TED talk Matt Cutts suggest to try something new for 30 days at least!

After that special period of time, you are more likely to have adapted the new lifestyle and live it at ease. As an avid traveler I urge you to try and be brave for 30 days. Being brave primarily manifests itself in my life through my way of traveling, whether it’s going solo, traveling to countries where I don’t speak the language but trust the locals anyway or live, study and work abroad.

This very special kind of braveness now translates itself into every facet of my life. My adventurous spirit is not only applicable to travel or cultural experiences but is apparent to my approach to life in general. Every project, book, mountain, road or human interaction is an exciting world I have yet to uncover.

What impact are you going to have on yourself and the world in 2016?

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