Exploring doesn’t always imply going far and wide.

As I recently accepted a full-time job, I often hear people around me exhaling sighs, probably being relieved that my adventurous way of living is finally over. Well, think twice. If you understand my being then you know that my unwavering urge to explore will never fade. Currently, I seek and and find adventures in the everyday things, hidden away behind our lazy glares around the places we’ve always known and grown so accustomed to.

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My eyes will never get tired of the sun rising when I get up early in the morning to start my commute to work. I will always break into a smile when my oh-so-familiar home turns up in the street, standing proudly amongst the other houses in my neighbourhood, so filled with laughter and love. I am always grateful for the all-consuming hugs of people I’ve known and loved my whole life, welcoming me into their worlds and sharing their lives with me.

Having an office job like I do leaves you chained to a chair, desk and laptop for eight hours straight five days a week. At the end of each week my body feels sore from being stuck in the same unnatural position. The human body is not made to stay in one place, we are made to move and constantly roam. So every time I truly welcome the arrival of each weekend, leaving me space to breathe and time to explore my immediate surroundings.

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I never thought that one day I’d be grateful to live in a small town that’s surrounded by nature. But now nature keeps me sane. One of my favourite activities each weekend is to grab a coffee, get out of the house and go for a stroll. Preferably with my dear friend Marina and her dog Emmi. Following a dog around make you realize what a pleasure getting your body in motion can evoke in you.

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I truly cherish my venturesome spirit and living a life where everything I encounter is an adventure that I have yet to uncover. It is a true blessing to find pleasure in the small things around you.


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