Hiraeth or an urge to go back to Wales.

Hiraeth, what a weirdly sounding word. It evokes a strong feeling inside my soul because it describes how I feel about Wales every second of every day. It describes a very certain kind of homesickness tinged with grief or sadness. It is a mix of longing, yearning, nostalgia or wistfulness for the Wales of the past.

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty nostalgic about my life in Cardiff, Wales lately. Those of you that read my blog regularly probably know that I love to rave about the fabulous treats and meals I encounter while traveling. And that’s one of the things I miss most about the place that I once called home.

I miss steaming hot piles of egg on toast, greasy yet utterly satisfying hangover breakfasts, delicious burgers with juicy patties, the unique taste of a Guinness after work or just the regular coffee at my favourite hangout downtown. Don’t know what I mean? If you’re ever in Cardiff, visit these places and you’ll never want to leave:

1. Looking for a place to study?


I only discovered this gem at the very end of my career as a student but it is safe to say that they have the best coffee in town. Authentic Italian coffee with the softest and thickest foam you’ve been dreaming of. Torre Coffee, 3 Castle Street

2. For the mandatory after work beers.



For this particular category I couldn’t just pick one place. The Pen & Wig is a more typical British pub with authentic cuisine and great beers. On Fridays its grounds are bursting with students and employees from Cardiff Uni, enjoying the edge of the weekend. Pen & Wig, 1 Park Grove

The Urban Tap House is a more artsy place that sells craft beers from local breweries. And, they make totes amazeballs burgers and fries! The interior is super laid back and the crowd is hip and happy. Urban Tap House, 25 Westgate Street

3. The perfect hangover hangout


Definitely one of my favourite finds. Hidden away on Crwys Road, away from the busy downtown area, Stag Coffee is the best place for a hangover breakfast, the oh-so-famous and healthy matcha latte or a milkshake in summer. Stag Coffee, 83 Crwys Road

4. Teatime in a British fashion.


Not such a hidden away gem but one of the spots I think of most. Barker Tea House has the best scones in the entire city. Topped with clotted cream and sweet and delicious jam they are the most amazing treats for a Sunday afternoon. Make sure to book a table in advance if you visit over the weekend! Barker Tea House, 8-12 High Street Arcade

5. The hippest hipster place for juicy burgers.


Bagels and Burgers. I’ve only been able to go once but the burgers are such a treat! They have vegan burgers, you can choose from a variety of one-of-a-kind toppings and the buns and patties are just pure deliciousness! The Bagel and Burger Kitchen, 98 Salisbury Road

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