Find adventure in the ordinary.


We all find ourselves stuck in a rut from time to time. Going to work five days a week, coming home and passing out at 9pm because you’re so god damn tired. Weekends are full of paperwork and errands you have to run. Some of us even have to continue working over the weekend. The majority of people around me keep telling me that that’s just how life turns out once you start a full-time job.

That’s just not okay for me. I simply cannot and will not settle for this. Even if you are not like me and crave to find yourself in the work you do, I still feel that a little adventure never hurt nobody. So let’s make a pact to find excitement in our everyday lives! Here are my go to tips if you feel stuck in the life you lead:

1. Simply EXPLORE

This can be your neighbourhood, the city that’s just around the corner or a place that’s worth a weekend away. You often don’t need neither tons of money nor time to find a little adventure in life. Go for a walk or take a shopping spree in a city you’ve never visited before. Trust me, you’ll feel so refreshed and full of energy. It always inspires me most to go to a place that’s super different from where I live and just observe the local people.

2. Learn a new skill

Whether that’s a new language, a handicraft or something entirely different. Find a hobby! Something that you can look forward to and that sparks your interest. This year I decided to up my game when it comes to photography.

3. Try new food

Never had Lebanese food before? Scared of challenging your taste buds too much? Don’t worry. If you don’t like it, you’ll never have to eat it again. But not trying it is such a waste! You might discover that you love spicy food after all or simply be inspired to alter your cooking style!

4. Just be a little adventurous

Change your clothing style, switch to a new perfume, try out new activities or find a new workout routine. This can be anything that makes you feel better and brings a smile to your face in everyday life.

…there are tons of things you can do to find adventure in the ordinary. Even if you’re just running an errand the street you run along every day. Take a moment, breathe deeply and look up. You might discover sights you’ve never noticed before!

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