The outdoors make you smarter, stronger and more spiritual.

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Constantly being removed from nature is not good for us. In our everyday lives, we find ourselves in offices, houses, shops or the like, surrounded by artificial environments. What are we missing by staying indoors?

According to researcher Netta Weinstein, nature can improve our minds, rejuvenate our bodies and restore our spirits. But how often do we take advantage of the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of nature?

Micro-breaks, like taking a five minute breather and walking around the yard surrounding your office or even looking at a picture of a nature scenery has discernible benefits for our minds. Or better, take long, immersive stretches in nature. It can have big benefits for our creativity and problem-solving skills. We develop a cognitive advantage when spending time immersed in a natural setting.

This proves that we are meant to live a substantial portion of our life outdoors, it’s a unique place to experience ourselves and restore our spirits. Too often we find ourselves trapped between four walls that keep us away from the places we truly belong. Our life is defined by churning and turning through endless and tiresome tasks and assignments.

As Michael Hyatt says, nature is our reset button for our minds, bodies and spirits when life gets tough. I vow to use that button every single day – even if it’s only for a few minutes.

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