Review: Lonely Planet “The World”.



A beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket, and a sense of adventure. That’s all Tony and Maureen Wheeler needed for the trip of a lifetime. They met on a park bench in Regent’s Park, London and married a year later. For their honeymoon, they decided to attempt what few people thought possible – crossing Europe and Asia overland, all the way to Australia. It was too amazing an experience to keep to themselves. Urged by their friends, they stayed up nights at their kitchen table writing, typing and stapling together their first travel guide.

Now, years later, I am holding a compilation of their travel guides in my hands: Lonely Planet The World. A guide for the truly travel addicted, the ones with itchy feet and those that just can’t get enough of roaming the world. Tasting the world’s flavours, admiring nature’s wonders and feeling best at peace when they are surrounded by likeminded people from all over the world.

The guide consists of 221 country pages, 228 maps, 700 images and 1595. Whenever wanderlust gets too painful, I pick up the book from my shelfs and rifle through the colourful pages hiding adventures and limitless stories from faraway places. If you don’t know where you’re heading next, the guide has got your back. Just randomly open a page and find yourself admiring the celestial kaleidoscope of the Northern Lights in Iceland or Estonia’s thick forests, rolling hills, picturesque villages, sparkling lakes and meandering rivers.

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