Get out there any just do it!

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my new favourite TED talks given by Mel Robbins, motivational and keynote speaker and creator of the 5 second rule. Let’s start with a quote from the talk:

“When you feel stuck or dissatisfied in your life, it’s a signal. And it’s not a signal that your life is broken, it’s a signal that one of your most basic needs are not being met – your need for exploration. Everything about your life, about your body grows – everything grows for your entire life. Your soul needs exploration and growth. The only way you’ll get it is by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable. Forcing yourself to get outside, out of your head.”¬†

With this Mel is telling you that if you have an idea, how stupid it may appear or how infeasible it sounds, do it! But don’t think about it too much. You only have five seconds until your comfort zone steps in and forces¬†you to rather cuddle up in bed and stay where you are.

There are many ideas that can’t be accomplished or even started in five seconds but if you just cling to the idea and start imagining it come to life, you’ve already overcome most of your doubts and inner fears.

Thinking about moving abroad? Hell yeah, why not give it a real thought! Deliberating whether to change your career entirely? Get online or talk to your friends and family to figure out options. Our lives are not meant to be lived in a rut. If you hate having the same kind of routine day in and day out, do something about it! Small changes can alter your whole perspective on life. Take a different route to work, have cereal instead of toast, talk to colleagues you haven’t ever chatted with before. It’s about those small and almost unnoticeable changes that really make an impact in your life and how you perceive it.

If there’s anything you don’t want to do to get you just one step closer to what you really want to achieve, get out there and just do it.


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