The somewhat different travel guides

You know I’m a big fan of Lonely Planet. In my opinion, their travel guides are almost as comprehensive as travel guides can get, being the perfect companion for whatever trip you’re about to plan. I recently discovered that Lonely Planet not only publishes the regular destination travel guides but books that dig way deeper. Here’s what I found:

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

It’s a list of the 500 most thrilling, memorable and downright interesting places on this planet. These are the places that the authors think you should experience; sights that will humble, amaze and surprise you. They’ll provoke thoughts, emotions or just an urgent need to tell someone about them.

Tales from Nowhere

Many places can feel like nowhere: a desert, an isolated village, even the middle of a bustling city. And then something happens: an adventure, a revelation, an experience that changes the whole landscape. The richly varied stories in this book all celebrate and illuminate one simple truth: if we embark on each adventure with an open heart and an open mind, travel will take us to places we never planned to go, and enrich and enlighten us in ways we never otherwise would have known.

Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips

Packed with trade secrets, this book will help you have a better, safer, cheaper trip. The aim with this guide is to pass on universal advice that you can take with you wherever in the world you go, and whatever budget you travel at.

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing

Well this is a hint – if you ever need a gift for me, this is what you should get! Written by a pre-eminent travel writer and bursting with invaluable advice, this inspiring and practical guide is a must for anyone who has ever yearned to turn their travels into tales.

Happy: Secrets to Happiness From Cultures of the World

Happiness. One word, nine letter, roughly seven billion definitions, one for each person on the planet. The book shares the planet’s lessons on youth, old age, love, death, work and family. The title features fascinating insights into how happiness is created in different cultures.

“Bravery” and Other Myths of Living Abroad

In this post I will be quoting the lines of an article that nails it to the point and that speaks from my heart. It is for those people taking the wheel, living their own lives and those that are not afraid to live the life they always imagined – sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.

When it comes to embarking into the unknown, luck has nothing to do with it. So this is my message to all of those who have ever told me that they wish they could do what I’m doing, that they aren’t brave like me – if only they could have the confidence to travel and live abroad! My response is this: You can, but when it comes down to it, I’m betting you don’t really want to. Because those who you really want to travel abroad, they will travel abroad. Traveling abroad is more accessible than ever, and a person who yearns for adventures and new experiences that come from setting off will make it a priority. 

If life’s priorities are building a prestigious career, building up a saving’s account, or starting a family with roots, cheers. If life’s priorities involve plane tickets, new experiences, or learning a language, salute. But the latter do not want to hear from the former that they have more luck or more bravery. We have chosen our priorities, just as you have chosen yours, there is no right or wrong, there is no lucky or unlucky, and both groups have worked hard to get where they are. 

Recognize your priorities, follow them and own them, and I will congratulate you on making your dreams come true as you can congratulate me on mine.” 

Some of these words may sound a bit harsh to you but I know for a fact that those that call themselves wanderers, roamers, nomads or the like face much more criticism for their lifestyle than those that have a house with a white-picket-fence, two children and a dog. So this is us speaking up for ourselves – no criticism intended.

Inspired by Verge Magazine

The World Wanderers Podcast

Tired of reading through my blogposts? You don’t have time to properly get educated about the beauty of travel or are in serious need of some distraction during your morning commute?

I have the ultimate solution for you: The World Wanderers Podcast! A weekly podcast run by two Canadians, Amanda and Ryan. I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda in person while traveling through Alberta, Canada last July.

Amanda and Ryan describe themselves as 20 something’s with a passion for travel, living live to the fullest and finding happiness in all corners of the world. Sounds familiar? Yep, that’s how I also tend to describe myself. So if you like my blog you’ll LOVE the podcast.

In 2014, the two wanderers decided to leave their “big kid jobs” and dedicate their lives to traveling, their first stop being South America. Since then they live and breathe an insatiable urge to travel and share their experiences with us. Travel has changed and impacted them in a positive way, has forever shaped the way they see the world and last but not least, while traveling they have managed to discover what it means to be truly happy.

To end with their very own words: Join them as they explore, learn, grown and seek happiness through travel and adventure!

Let’s Roam!

Have you heard of Roam? It’s every digital nomads paradise – website that helps you live around the world for short periods of time. An international network of interchangeable, design-led communal living spaces. We finally don’t have an excuse to stay in one place any longer!

Roam is for people who crave to live according to their interests and curiosities not chained by a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. For $500 a week, you can hop from Ubud to Miami to Madrid, with more cities on the way.

It’s different from Airbnb or any couch surfing service, it’s based on a sense of community and close ties to local communities. My ultimate dream come true! Roam has the potential to innovate in global housing in a time where an entire generation of young people is seeking global experiences more than ever before.

The platform allows travellers to book private suites on a weekly basis. The best part is that every facility comes with a cowering spaces – long live the freelance job!

So get out, leave the ordinary, live life one week at a time and sign a lease that lets you live around the world!


Traveling is the best way to learn.


I love to learn new things, acquire new skills and educate myself. Unfortunately sometimes I don’t get around to it, I can’t seem to find time in my busy schedule to learn more about the things I truly enjoy and love.

And then, when it’s time for a new trip, learning seems to be a piece of cake. Whether a day trip to a metropolitan city, a hike around the country or a trip to the sea, you always learn something. Be it a few words in a foreign language, habits and customs or literally learning facts about a country and its history.

And it doesn’t even feel like learning because you don’t have to study. I remember how I used to try to cram endless amounts of facts revolving around different topics for school and for university into my head. As soon as my exams were over, everything was erased immediately. However, the things I learn while traveling I never seem to forget.

They are connected to experiences, adventures and in essence to my identity. Not only does my mind learn and my horizon widen, I seem to alter and change with every experience I make, every person I meet along the way and every country I visit.

There is no substitute for experience. When you’re traveling, you are exposed to so many different things – you can read about a place or a historical event but nothing compares to actually being there, following the footsteps of history. You come to a deep understanding that can’t be achieved in any other way.