The outdoors make you smarter, stronger and more spiritual.

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Constantly being removed from nature is not good for us. In our everyday lives, we find ourselves in offices, houses, shops or the like, surrounded by artificial environments. What are we missing by staying indoors?

According to researcher Netta Weinstein, nature can improve our minds, rejuvenate our bodies and restore our spirits. But how often do we take advantage of the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of nature?

Micro-breaks, like taking a five minute breather and walking around the yard surrounding your office or even looking at a picture of a nature scenery has discernible benefits for our minds. Or better, take long, immersive stretches in nature. It can have big benefits for our creativity and problem-solving skills. We develop a cognitive advantage when spending time immersed in a natural setting.

This proves that we are meant to live a substantial portion of our life outdoors, it’s a unique place to experience ourselves and restore our spirits. Too often we find ourselves trapped between four walls that keep us away from the places we truly belong. Our life is defined by churning and turning through endless and tiresome tasks and assignments.

As Michael Hyatt says, nature is our reset button for our minds, bodies and spirits when life gets tough. I vow to use that button every single day – even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Happy 2 year anniversary!

I can’t believe it. It has already been two years since I started this blog. It all started with a trip to Bolivia, to see my best friend from my all-consuming, incredible and once in a lifetime experience in Oklahoma. The journey to Bolivia was my first ever solo trip and it made me learn so much about myself and the world and experience South America’s beauty for the first time. Another continent crossed off my bucket list! We ventured around La Paz, spent some days at the Salar de Uyuni salt flats and I took an overnight bus trip to see Sucre on my own.

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Sucre, Bolivia

The rest of the summer was filled with trips around Germany, a week in Ibiza and a long awaited trip to Santorini, one of the most heart-warming, dazzling and enchanting places on this earth. Exploring this tiny island by hiking from one end to the other and enjoying utter tranquility and the natural beauty of the island just left me breathless.

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Galatia Villas in Santorini, Greece

Then it was time to prepare for another adventure: a year in Wales, finishing my Master’s degree in Cardiff. Little did I know that I would find my soul sisters, two incredible souls that I know will never leave my side, wherever life will take us. We share something real, something that is beyond words, beyond this world and even beyond my imagination. Definitely changed for good! I finished off the year with a trip to Dublin, Ireland to spend some time with my dear friend Susann to ring in the Christmas time.

Cardiff University Spring Blossom

Besides meeting incredible friends from all over the world, I got to experience that Wales is a truly underrated country. The landscapes, cities and people in Wales are so much more than beautiful, I cannot wait to come back this summer! I also got the opportunity to go back to Greece and see Athens, Cape Sounio and the Kaisariani Monastery. Despite being robbed my adventurous spirit made me make the best of it!

During my time in Wales I was lucky to travel to Canada for my best friend’s wedding. I definitely left my heart there and hopefully I’ll be back rather sooner than later to go and collect it. I can’t wait to be back in Alberta, meander windy roads around the Rocky Mountains and just LIVE.

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On our way to the Glacier Skywalk.

2015 got even better once I handed it my dissertation and left Cardiff for good. I jumped on a plane to Southeast Asia with my best friend and soulmate Nicole to start our first backpacking trip around Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. It is safe to say that I more than fell in love with backpacking and taking the day one hour at a time, truly relishing the bliss of having the day at your disposal and enjoying a time off without responsibilities.

Bali Bliss.

The incredible and eventful year wrapped up with a huge surprise. I got invited to go on a roadtrip through Japan! Never would I have imagined to get the opportunity to travel even more that year. I will forever be grateful and humble for this opportunity and wouldn’t want to miss the experience for the world. I got to admire Japanese architecture, eat carefully crafted dishes day in and day out and experience the craziness and mind-blowing size of Tokyo.

Nara, Japan
Nara, Japan

The new year started on a more slow note. I am incredibly happy to have found a full-time job and I even got to take a little trip over Easter, recharging from the craziness of everyday life in the Netherlands.

I am more than positive that this year and this life has so much more to offer and I cannot wait for all the experiences to come and to share them with you! Happy Birthday on wanderlust!



Fighting the wanderlust gene?


When it comes to comparing myself with others, this makes total sense. Why do I feel this violent urge to move and explore? What is it about me that is continuously restless? Who else has an infinite bucket list?

Even while studying abroad I can’t seem to settle in. Staying put in one place for more than one month is unbearable for me – I am not talking about going on trips that stretch out over weeks. This feeling of getting out, let it be for only a day is always inside of me. Once I am out and about, I suddenly feel at peace again.

Suddenly there seems to be an explanation for this: The gene DRD4-7R, called the wanderlust gene, causes some people to seek curiosity, experience constant restlessness and the lust to take risks. Though, based on an article by Elite Daily only about 20 percent of the population possess this gene.

Am I one of them? I’d say most definitely. But do I really like this assumption? I’m not quite sure. This would mean that it is never a free decision to escape my life’s boundaries and go out to breathe the air of fresh places. Well, this could also mean that we can finally silence all the doubters that surround us travellers and question our approach to life because they can’t quite fathom our adventurous spirit. With or without the wanderlust gene, I can’t help myself – now and then I just have to leave.

Let me know how you feel – welcome explanation or just an excuse?