Santorini Sightseeing!

Today I am back from a long break of non-blogging! I have spent another vacation in Ibiza so I haven’t been able to blog a lot lately. So let’s go back to Santorini and find out a little more about this beautiful island. The best way to get to know a place is to do some sightseeing! That’s what Marina and I did a lot during our days in Santorini.

First of all, there not so much typical sightseeing going on in Santorini. The main thing I advise you to do would be just walking around the island, enjoying the scenery and the architecture.


But: in Fira there’s more to see! There are a bunch of different cathedrals which are definitely worth a visit! The biggest one is the orthodox cathedral which is located close to Fira’s main square, right at the caldera. You won’t miss it I promise, it’s the big white, round shaped cathedral that hovers over the whole town. It’s as pretty from the inside as it is from the inside – but since I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside you will just have to see for yourself!


What’s also worth visiting is the catholic quarter which is located east of the cable car station. In the catholic quarter you can find the dominican monastery and the roman catholic cathedral. You are welcome to visit the services in the dominican monastery at several times during the day. The roman catholic cathedral is open during the day – go inside and take in the beautiful architecture. You will also notice some differendes to the orthodox cathedral!



Santorini is also home to a couple of museums which are all located in Fira. Marina and I visited neither of them so I won’t be able to tell you much about them except their names – the archaeological museum and the santozeum. Since Marina and I weren’t so keen on visiting museums, we decided to only visit the most famous sight of Santorini: the city of Akrotiri.

Akrotiri is Europe’s oldest city, it’s existence dates back 3500 years. During that time, Akrotiri was the center of trade in the Aegean. If you are now starting to get bored by my description, please keep on reading! Akrotiri is definitely not a boring archaelogical site where you can only try to make out traces in the sand or hills of dust. Akrotiri offers you so much more! When looking around you can make out house walls, stairs that fell apart and actual windows. Even numerous pots are standing around inside the houses – only merely damaged!





As with everything else that you can do in Santorini, the sightseeing is so worth it! Take some time to learn about the Greek culture and history. It will make your trip just so much more memorable!

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