Fighting the wanderlust gene?


When it comes to comparing myself with others, this makes total sense. Why do I feel this violent urge to move and explore? What is it about me that is continuously restless? Who else has an infinite bucket list?

Even while studying abroad I can’t seem to settle in. Staying put in one place for more than one month is unbearable for me – I am not talking about going on trips that stretch out over weeks. This feeling of getting out, let it be for only a day is always inside of me. Once I am out and about, I suddenly feel at peace again.

Suddenly there seems to be an explanation for this: The gene DRD4-7R, called the wanderlust gene, causes some people to seek curiosity, experience constant restlessness and the lust to take risks. Though, based on an article by Elite Daily only about 20 percent of the population possess this gene.

Am I one of them? I’d say most definitely. But do I really like this assumption? I’m not quite sure. This would mean that it is never a free decision to escape my life’s boundaries and go out to breathe the air of fresh places. Well, this could also mean that we can finally silence all the doubters that surround us travellers and question our approach to life because they can’t quite fathom our adventurous spirit. With or without the wanderlust gene, I can’t help myself – now and then I just have to leave.

Let me know how you feel – welcome explanation or just an excuse?


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