Wild and Reckless.

We are the reckless,
We are the wild youth
Chasing visions of our futures.
One day we’ll reveal the truth
That one will die before he gets there.

Does this sound familiar to you? I guess sometimes we just don’t want to admit that we are on a constant journey to seek ultimate happiness. But what does this ultimate bliss entail? We come across thoughts in our minds that are dedicated to dreaming of this better future. My generation is born with this feeling. We were born into an era of open doors – this made us become high achievers, always urging for more.

This is how I feel every day. I can’t seem to settle in just yet, I am always in the search of this place of ultimate happiness. But does it really exist? I am not going to stop moving, I know that. But what I am trying to tell you is this: let’s not always look for this future, these “other” places where life seems to be so much better. I want to live in the here and now and relish every second of it. I feel blessed of being able to live this lifestyle of endless travels and journeys, of meeting new people and admiring the world’s beauty.

Just as I put out a solemn pledge to travel the world, I am promising to make every second count. Don’t get disturbed by obstacles or downfalls that surround you – without these we wouldn’t be able to learn to appreciate the peaks of life!

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