Going Home.


Once you decide to move away from your hometown, extend your comfort zone and leave behind everything you know, you really learn to appreciate what being home means. Suddenly those that are closest to your heart don’t live in a “let’s meet for a coffee” distance any more. Living in different time zones, suddenly speaking a different language day in and day out and feeling far away from everything that home entails, makes you want to check back into your comfort zone from time to time. Even though I am truly passionate about the life I am living and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, booking a flight home gives me the chills just as much as hopping onto a plane to a faraway destination does. This excitement of seeing your oh-so familiar faces is something that I enjoy just as much as diving into different cultures and meeting new people.

Let’s be honest. Even though we’re all grown-ups, nothing can compare to feeling like a child again when you come home. Suddenly everything feels in order again because being surrounded by the people that you’ve known your whole life seems to lift a piece of weight from your shoulders.

This is why I decided to just leave – not to a foreign place for once. Just home, only for five days. That’s all I need, a little recharging. Breathing in the smell of familiar places just to ignite my wanderlust again and fuelling up the energy to live this one of a kind life of constantly moving, exploring and urging for the unknown.

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