My wanderlust heroes.

What does it feel like to leave your life behind and just go on the biggest adventure of your life? To be honest, I don’t know. But I am itching to find out. I guess it is a feeling of ultimate liberation combined with a whole lot of fear and shitting your pants. You will probably never be able to return to your old life and your perspectives on the world and your values and beliefs will have altered completely. I recently came across two extremely brave and exceptional human beings that must exactly know what this feels like – Mike Hudson and Felix Starck.

Once in a blue moon, Mike Hudson, a former engineer, decided to quit his job and restrict his living space to a hip and completely refurbished little van in which he started to travel the world. This utter braveness completely leaves me in awe. His life must be a mixture between complete bliss, ultimate relaxation and space to breathe, phases of crazy-cannot-take-it-anymore-loneliness and claustrophobia.





“What if your only desire is a journey around the globe – on a bike?”

And then there is Felix Starck. He has recently gained a lot of media attention after he released his documentary “Pedal the World”. This brave guy decided to travel the world on a bike – 18,000km and 22 countries. I haven’t seen the movie yet but the trailer alone gives me the chills. It perfectly encompasses all the peaks and downfalls of travelling, from admiring breathtaking places, making new friends and having to leave them without knowing whether you’d ever see them again to feeling completely alone and being sick in a country far away from home.

Just as me, Mike Hudson and Felix Starck just cannot seem to get enough of indulging themselves in the beauty of discovering the bliss of travelling – finding out what it is like to live without comfort. Because in the end, travel is about the incredible feeling of teetering in the unknown.

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