Experiences last longer than Diamonds.


Most of my blogposts veer around the topic of finding bliss. That violent urge of discovering what makes me tick and what sets my soul on fire. Buried deep in my soul I know what that is. I know that I will never ever be able to settle for the life that society expects us to lead. Imagining my life 10 or 15 years from now, I can’t picture living any other lifestyle than the one I am currently following.

You might ask – how does she want to do it? Don’t you ever deliberate settling down, creating a family and building a house? Currently, the sheer thought of building a house 15 years from now gives me shivers. Literally chaining myself to one place is unimaginable for me right now. And having children? Hell yeah. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit this lifestyle of dedicating a life to travel. The most impressive example for this is Adam Baker. After his first child was born, he discovered he felt the way that I do when I think of building a house. So he asked himself “what is freedom?”. What does freedom mean to every single one of us? Posing this question changed his life. Up until then, life decisions circled around questions about upgrading items in his life – the TV, an apartment, clothes and the like. Suddenly he and his wife found themselves trapped in a life they just unintentionally fell into. But were they happy? They decided they weren’t. They realised that they were living their lives according to a default script that they hadn’t chosen themselves. So they left. They sold everything and traveled the world with their child. If they can, I can do it as well.

Adam’s story is the most inspiring story I have heard in a long time. I don’t want to live a life purely for the sake of working, coming home late at night and counting the days until the next weekend or the next big trip. Just as author Nigel Marsh believes, I am not looking for a job that I hate to buy things that I don’t need to impress people that I don’t like. For me, experiences count more than items. I want to spend my money on experiences that feed my soul. In my case, that is traveling.

But what Adam and I are trying to tell you is not that you should sell all your crap and leave your home if this is not what you are craving. We are rather asking you to constantly remind yourself that you only have this one life and should better make the best of it. The worst thing we can do is settle with the second best option. If you know your passion, follow it. What would you do if money wasn’t an obstacle? If you can answer this question, do not ignore your passion. Get out there and follow it. You need to define what freedom looks like for you. And even if you don’t completely quit your current lifestyle, constantly urge for more.

Instead of mindlessly spending money on crap that you don’t need, invest it in your passion. Free yourself from the idea that acquiring things makes you happy. For me, knowing that there are tons of things I haven’t used in years makes me sick. I’d rather only own a backpack or a suitcase of belongings that I cherish and need instead of piling up hordes of crap around me. Why should we identify ourselves with physical things? In my opinion, the exact opposite is true. Happiness is a state of being, not of having. Starting today, imagine what your life could like if you started collecting experiences and not things.

My solemn pledge is not to wake up to an alarm clock but to a life and a job I truly love, doing work that I actually care about. Thank you Adam Baker.

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