My purpose, my passion. Thank you Daddy!

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon? I decided to do some digging into my past. More so, my dad’s past. Talking about my travels to places like Vietnam, Bolivia or Japan with family and friends, I always wondered how I ended up with this life purpose. If you ask me, it’s not because of a travel gene. It comes from my father. One day, just a few weeks ago, an image came to my mind. I remembered myself as a young girl, sprawled out on our living room floor and leafing through pages of a photo album, looking at images of places I didn’t know the names let alone the locations of.

My curiosity was sparked again today so I decided to crawl up into our attic and find those albums. What I found in them left me with an immense grin on my face and a warm feeling in my soul – photos of travels my father did almost 40 years ago. Photos of trips to Thailand, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. Photos of rice fields hugging rivers and markets where vendors had handmade clothing on display. They made me vividly imagine the soothing sound of each salesman negotiating with the elderly woman from around the corner punctuating my father’s step. I also found postcards he sent to my grandparents raving about how he loved the places he discovered and how blissfully he went from place to place, meeting locals and soaking up everything each destination had to offer.

The places he went to are now on the average traveler’s bucket list. But they certainly weren’t 40 years ago. So my dad really must have been what you call an intrepid explorer. He wasn’t scared or apprehensive, he wanted to roam the world and go as far as he was able to. I can only image all the doubters around him, questioning his decisions and wondering why he felt he needed to go that far to take a break from everyday life.

It is such an indescribable feeling to discover where your one and only passion comes from. Now I know that my perpetual state of unrest is not something I imagine, it is one of the greatest traits I could have inherited from my father. I had always known that there must be an explanation for my passion. And now it’s this simple.

Don’t worry Papa, I’ll carry your passion with me everywhere I go.

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