Rough Guides Top Destinations for 2016


At the beginning of every year, Rough Guides publishes a list of the top destinations to visit in the upcoming months. This year, they released three lists, each focusing on something different: top countries, top cities and people’s choice.

The list that mostly awakens my inner wanderlust is the countries one. I would go to every single spot on that list! Kudos to the editors for not only ranting about the usual destinations you would expect on a list like that, they really try to dig out more unusual countries. Ones that you probably haven’t been to yet. And the coolest thing is, Wales is on that list! I am so lucky to have lived in that precious country for a little less than a year and I can say that I miss it so much. Wales is such an underrated travel destination so visiting it leaves you utterly surprised! This tiny country can really take your breath away!

My other favourite countries on that list are Nepal, Jordan, Albania and Romania. If you’re from Western Europe, you rarely encounter people that have been to those countries before (yep, I don’t know why that seems to happen) but they are definitely some of the top destinations I have to travel to.

A little more common (don’t get me wrong here) are countries like Cuba, El Salvador, Sri Lanka or Colombia. There’s probably a few more people that you know who have been to these places. But still, there up high on my list!

Need some research for your travels this year? Check out the three lists here:

Rough Guides Top Countries for 2016

Rough Guides Top Cities for 2016

Rough Guides People’s Choice for 2016

And watch the videos about each destination, they will really give you goosebumps and will make you pack your bags and leave right here and now!


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