Tunes for the Road.

What does traveling sound like for you? Is it the soothing sound of the waves kissing the shore, trees swaying the wind or a tiny creek tirelessly running through the woods? Or did you immediately think of man-made tunes? Then you probably know this. You’re on the road and this one song keeps blasting through the radio, accompanying you along the way.

Back home the same song suddenly comes on. In an instant you’re taken back to the way you felt during your trip: lazy hazy days of summer, crusing around during an epic road trip, venturing on a weekend getaway or just chilling in the sun. Travel playlists make life so much better and make your experiences last longer, sending you away on dreams about past travels.

We all have our preferences when it comes to music. For the road I personally prefer tunes that are a bit indie, folk-y and acoustic because they are so raw and real. Just the way I like my travels to be. My favourites are the ones that list endless cities, countries and places because it always inspires me to travel more, see more and experience more. Here are my top three for the road:

1. City and Colour – Home
Although this one technically talks about coming home after traveling for a long time, I feel it has the longest list of places that has ever been mentioned in a song.

2. The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley
Simply because it mentions my second home, Oklahoma!

3. Passenger – Travelling Song
It’s just such a perfect tune for riding along the road and the lyrics are just sweet.


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