Hands down to why I love Skyscanner.

How to book flights
How to easily book your flights

How do you go about planning and booking flights? Do you feel trapped in a myriad of travel planning sites that never seem to offer what you really need? I have the ultimate solution for you: Skyscanner. I can safely say that this is the single best website for booking flights. Here’s why:

The simple reason is that it is super flexible. If you haven’t really narrowed down where you want to travel or when to go, you can use their incredible search engine and just put in Germany to Anywhere and it’ll show you the best deals for going from your country to any country in the world. If you’ve already picked a country but are quite flexible about the city, you can choose Dusseldorf to United Kingdom and it’ll help you pick the destination based on the cheapest connections.

The same goes for the travel date. Again, if you are incredibly flexible, just put in the place you want to visit and where you want to go from and it’ll show you the cheapest months throughout the whole year. Or if you’ve narrowed your search down to a month, you can select the month you are planning on going and then you can select the cheapest days to fly from a diagram.

Since I discovered Skyscanner a few years ago, it really is my go to website for booking flights. However, it is always worth checking out each individual airline’s prices once you’ve browsed through the deals on Skyscanner as they can sometimes still be tad cheaper. But for researching, it really is the single best tool you can use!

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