The concept of ‘Home’.


What if home is not a place but rather the feeling of being abroad? Often, I am surrounded by friends and family, trying to familiarize me with a feeling of coming home and feeling a special bond to a place.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been fortunate to grow up in a place that is deeply rooted in my heart and with which I connect many heartwarming memories. Coming back to the house where I grew up always seems to lift some weight off my shoulders.

Once you’ve outgrown the room in your parents house, people expect you to lead a certain life and go down a certain path. This path is connected to a sense of urgency to perform in a certain way society expects us to. Most of the times, this goes hand in hand with settling down.

When I try to explain to people that settling down might not be in the cards for me, all I often get is an pitying smile telling me “Wait for it, there’ll be a point in your life where you’ll want to settle down.” I am not denying that that might happen but right now I cannot see myself settling down anywhere in the near future.

To most of you this might sound naive or lightheaded but please bear with me. Right now, I don’t need this one special place I can connect to. Each and every time I board a plane, I realize that that is where I am truly happy. Above the clouds, watching the world pass by below us, bursting with excitement for what’s about to await me.

I might change my mind tomorrow, next week or next year. But until then I will embrace this restlessness and hold on dearly to my intrepid spirit. Ultimately, we all seek happiness and love. My ultimate bliss lies within following my gypsy heart and letting wanderlust perpetuate my every step.

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