Wanderlust is a German word. Although weirdly enough, most Germans don’t know what it truly means. For us, it expresses the urge to go hiking. But it really means so much more. Wanderlust stands for a very strong or irresistible pulse to travel, to understand one’s very existence.

It is a buzzword, yes. But not for me. Wanderlust has always been inside me and has been fueled infinitely once I decided to get a wanderlust tattoo on the outside of my foot more than five years ago. Since then, wanderlust seems to be watching my every step.

I breathe travel. Every bone in my body and every threat of my soul are dedicated to traveling and exploring the world. Until very recently, I always wondered why living within the boundaries of my home country doesn’t seem to feed me. And then it suddenly was this simple: I inherited this beautiful calling from my father who passed away when I was still a child. More than forty years ago, he went to the utmost corners of the world, blissfully going from place to place and soaking up everything the world had to offer.

It is now my solemn pledge to continue his passion of roaming the world. My perpetual state of unrest is inscribed in my very existence.

For me, traveling is not about being a tourist. It is about being an intrepid explorer. I am not wandering the world’s paths for the sake of traveling, I rather see it as a journey to find myself or to discover who I’ve been all along. It is about educating myself and realizing how different views impact me and my choice.

This blog is for me as much as it is out there for you. With my words I am painting pictures of the places I’ve been to and the experiences made along the way. Travel entails an unsurpassable bliss for me, I am most at peace when I meander this world. My aim is to explain to you the connections I make with the people and places I meet and illustrating both the peaks and downfalls you encounter as an explorer.

My mission is to take you on a journey for you to sense my restlessness and discover your own urge to wander.

xoxo Katharina